Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to be a member?

For now, joining Asteroid Berlin is for free. We do not know how long it will stay this way so don’t miss the chance to get a free access to all advantages provided by Asteroid Berlin!

What does Asteroid Berlin offers?

We are providing an online platform for students around Berlin (and now also around Germany!) to network with one and other, develop and share their skills, get career opportunities, take part in our exclusive events and grow together. On the platform, you will find the latest news about Berlin and the student life, our podcasts and articles, as well as the invitations to our next events and some recommendations for events you should have a look at around the city.

How can I become a member?

The application procedure to become a member of Asteroid Berlin is happening following these 3 steps: - You go on the website and fill out the application form
- We review your application and accept it (it takes up to 24h)
- You get your acceptance email and join immediately our platform to enjoy all advantages from Asteroid Berlin!

Do I need to live in Berlin in order to join Asteroid Berlin?

Until the Corona Crisis, we were only based in Berlin. However, we decided to expand to Germany as we want to give the possibility to all german Students to kepp expanding their network and supporting each other despite staying safe at home!

What happens after I finished my studies?

Great question! We are developing an alumni membership for you to keep your Asteroid Berlin advantages and support the newbies. We’ll keep you updated. For now we are only focusing on students, if you wish to join but just finished your study, enter our waiting list, we will keep you updated for you to know when we are ready to welcome you!